Marc Mitchell

President O: 801-372-3121 C: 801-506-1024

Trish Eaton

Operations & Project Management O: 801-506-1352 C: 801-842-7384

Sky Straw

Specification Sales & Controls O: 801-268-0639 C: 801 550-7287

Justin Done

Distribution Sales Manager O: 801-506-1346 C: 801-946-1952


Garrett Ledger, LC

Director of Specification Sales O: 801-265-1206 C: 801-440-7415

Sol Johnson

Director of Business Development O: 801-506-2018 C: 503-863-4005

Jake Fitzgerald

Specification Sales O: 801-268-0767

Jake Herrick

Specification Sales O: 801-506-1028

Chris Miller

Specification Sales O: 801-506-1351 C: 801-824-4381

Dave Chugg

Outside Sales O: 801-506-2011 C: 801-850-2269

Jared Done

Outside Sales O: 801-506-1022 C: 801-440-9203

Scott Oliphant

Outside Sales O: 801-268-3762 C: 801-946-5407

Dave Workman

Outside Sales – Northern Utah O: 435-994-1468

Troy Wilkinson

Outside Sales – Southern Utah C: 435-632-1153

Inside Sales

Sherri Simpson

Inside Sales Manager O: 801-263-3809

Ricardo Espinoza

Inside Sales O: 801-506-2010

Lynn Larsen

Inside Sales O: 801-506-1348

Mallorie Mitchell

Inside Sales O: 801-270-0010

Cade Walker

Inside Sales O: 801-506-2006


Cory Boswell

Quotes O: 801-506-2025

Audry Ledger

Quotes O: 801-263-3735

Michelle Shaw

Quotes O: 801-506-2009

Project Management

Kaitlynd Wagner

Director of Customer Experience O: 801-506-1349

Jen Dickey

Project Manager O: 801-506-1018

Misty Eaton

Project Management O: 801-327-0096

Addilyn Fullerton

Project Manager O: 801-506-1019

Tracie Lesan

Project Manager O: 801-506-1021

Marquelle Mitchell

Project Management O: 801-506-1350

Tenette Taddei

Project Manager O: 801-506-1029

Controls and Technical Services

Matt Beynon

Controls O: 801-506-1354

Kaden Beynon

Controls O: 801-506-1025

Ty Harmon

Controls O: 801-506-1347 C: 385-285-5085

Dave Sayre

Controls C: 801-688-1230

Customer Service